I love building amazing websites and apps to help your business thrive.

Simplify your life, relax and get rid of the tech overwhelm.​ Stop the headache and just focus on doing what you love and what you're good at.

And let me take care of the tech.


Custom Web / Software Development​

Desktop, web and cloud solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements

Responsive Web Design

Make your website, landing and sales pages sleek, lightweight, easy to navigate and looks good on all devices (desktops, tablets and mobile phones)

WordPress Content Management System

Let's you focus on what you do best - writing compelling content and growing your business!

API / Systems Integrations

Integrate your application with any internal, third party or popular APIs and expand your offerings & features, support other vendors, generate more reports and streamline your process.

Database Design and Management

Effectively organize, store, retrieve and share your data among multiple users. Perform migration, import and export from one format or system to another.

Technical Virtual Assistance

System configuration and administration, domain name registration, cPanel management, ongoing support and maintenance


Kriztine delivered a flawless .NET solution exceeding our expectations. Her skills are top of the line. Communication is easy, kind and perfect and her ability to understand our challenges with the solution required, was impressive. I'll be looking forward to working with her in the future, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Morten H.

(Upwork Client for E-conomic Integration Project)


My Work

Product Quality System (PQS)

  • PQS is a web-based application for a manufacturer of Acousto-Optics products. The system aims to provide these functionalities – traceability of delivered devices, handling of return materials, data capture of the device testing results, integration with test equipments, interface to external systems, product management and generation and printing of various reports.
  • I have worked on the overall system architecture, management, design, development and deployment.
Product Quality System
Customer Order Tracking and Invoicing System v2

Customer Order Tracking and Invoicing System

  • This is a web application custom-built for a Title Research and Retrieval company. It handles the automation of the company’s workflow – from customer orders to vendor purchase orders – up to issuing invoices, order delivery via email, generation of pdf files and various reports, and the capability to export data to QuickBooks Online (soon).
  • I have worked on the overall system architecture, management, design, development and deployment.

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